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Startup Five is a Waterford Michigan USA-based advertising and marketing company promoting small to medium-sized business merchants with the most innovative promotional marketing solutions available. We use five forms of promotion which are brand building, multimedia, SEO, digital media, and technology advertising for small businesses to compete with the big box stores or corporate giants. We level the playing field for our clients.

Startup Five is currently involved in a five-million-dollar capital raise up with groups of USA-based Entrepenur Accredited private stock investors for the purpose of creating six co-branded advertising companies using our brand, our business marketing solution for Nigerian territory based branded companies. These companies will be co-owned operated by our teams of trained Nigerian Student workers who will assist us by building qualified joint-partner applicants who make up a full staff of qualified applicants trained in different fields that make up sucessful advertising and marketing companies.

These advertising and marketing co-branded companies will promote both small to medium-sized businesses to adopt Bitcoin. Black Web App Solution to a merchant to their customer base member network not only in Nigeria but worldwide. Local merchants will receive free to deep discount business advertising and marketing by being a Bitcoin. Black participating merchants who issue free web apps while accepting BCB cryptocurrency for products and services offered by tour merchant clients.

The purpose of our mission is to bring prosperity, philanthropic opportunity, life-changing wealth streams to Nigerian student workers by earning all the net profits of the co-branded companies while promoting Bitcoin. Black member and merchant app programs. We feel a strong dedication to give back to our Nigerian student workers’ long-term career opportunities to life-changing solutions.

We the senior partners of Startup Five have had many years of prior experience in the world of capital investment funding through accredited private stock investors raising millions of dollars in previous start-up ventures. We have the contacts to successfully complete the mission and the know-how to get the goal accomplished. We feel highly confident this will create a win-win-win for our Nigerian teams of talent, Bitcoin. Black and our business customer base. Startup Five is a fully licensed subsidiary division of RJ Suitor, LLC