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Organization started by a disabled veteran, who holds a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma among others who was insane enough to belive in a better future where we bridge the physical gaps in geography and culture. The Main goal of Generation X is to look at the real issues harming the world, environment and people in such a radical yet applicable way that there is no choice but adapt and help fix the world. Multiple projects being tinkered with such as a way to utilize convection for oil spill clean-up, a builing material that reduces Co2 emission (essentially recycling air) with a comprehensive strength almost double of concrete and I forgot to mention its from recycled material. Also, utalizing other materials for asphalt, so freezing at 45 degrees is essentially eliminated and even leveraging knowledge to get education as well as housing for veterans and homeless. These are just a few of the innovative ideas and concepts being worked on and we appreciate any input at all.