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    john bergeson

    Does anyone know if there is a way to view a wallet? I want to check mine to see if I received the air drop. Thanks

    Chris Di Meglio

    Im trying to figure that out myself, don’t we need to download a wallet to have on our computer in order to receive the coins?


    Yeah, there are ALOT of us asking the same question. I’m getting a bit disillusioned with how this is all going. So far it appears all deadlines have not been met. We have given not only our email addresses but our personal cell phone numbers. That is VERY valuable information that we have all shared. Yet, we have no way to see any type of commitment from the BCB team. I’m having the people I recommended this to ask me what exactly is going on. Currently there is no way to know what we have been promised is actually a reality.

    Come on guys, at least give us a block viewer. You’ve harvested our information, why can’t we see some information from you?

    I belong to a couple hundred user investment group and we’ve stopped promoting this project until we see some type of movement forward.


    i agree with you. I do not even know how to exchange bcb, and the support doesnt exist. nobody answer nothig, ever.
    i also work with a group of people which are vere upset with this situation. This is not clear at all-


    Мне сегодня на почту пришло письмо, я скачал кошелек, но монет пока нет

    André Luis Soares

    isso tem que baixar a carteira para seu computador para receber as moedas e visualizá-las abaixo vídeo mostrando como instalar passo a passo

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