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    Maher Belgasmi

    The wallets will be available shortly at the following

    link: https://bitcoin.black/wallets/

    Wallets aren’t quite there yet.

    Stay tuned

    Mobarak Hossain

    how will Android users like mine store bcb on wallet??
    My Pc is damazed…..Kindly answer

    Maher Belgasmi

    Bro, you need to find a way, be cause at this time there is only a desktop wallet

    Mobarak Hossain

    when will android wallet release??
    is there any probability that bcb will be available later on coinbase/coinomi/trustwallet??

    Maher Belgasmi


    Bitcoin Black (BCB) February

    We have run into an unexpected minor issue.
    Allow us 24 hours to resolve and the following email will be sent once the issue has been resolved.

    Beta Airdrop is live.
    What does this mean?
    50,000 members will receive 5400 BCB coins each through the beta airdrop.
    Members who get involved in the beta airdrop will also be eligible for the 3600 coin airdrop.

    Main net will become live on the 10th Feb and the larger scale airdrop will begin.
    Users who get involved in the beta airdrop will need to keep their wallet seed as the coins will also be sent to them on the main net.

    Windows desktop users will be able to make transaction on the network.
    Users of other platforms and mobile users can still receive the 5400 coin airdrop but will need to wait until their platform is released to make transactions.

    How to claim the airdrop
    You will need to generate a wallet address, enter your BCB address, email address and phone number into the airdrop form.
    You will receive a security code to your phone which you will enter into the form and an email which you will need to click to verify and your coins will be sent to your wallet (allow up to 24 hours to receive your coins).

    Get Coins

    Pre-Sale Participants
    Pre-sale participants can generate their wallet address and send their pre-sale details to [email protected]. Distribution will take place on the main net.


    So that we as end users can see that things are actually working, is there a bcb block explorer? The directions say to wait for 24 hours to see if the coins are deposited. However, without a block explorer or a hardware wallet, it’s impossible to see if anything is happening.

    Maher Belgasmi

    we need to keep our wallet seed, and wait to the 10th Feb

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