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    Maher Belgasmi

    Bitcoin.Black Update 1-3-2019

    We would like to thank everyone for their patience so far and apologize distribution is yet to begin.
    We have needed to make some important changes to the blockchain in relation to security and future transparency prior to distribution and these changes are being worked on.
    Once these changes are complete you will receive an email with the wallet download links and will be able to download the BCB desktop wallet.
    Once you have your wallet address you will need to send a new email to [email protected] to receive your coins.
    In the subject of the email you will need to enter:
    -Pre sale stage you got involved in.
    -Amount of packets purchased.
    -Total amount of coins needed to be sent to you.
    In the body of the email your BCB wallet address.
    Example: subject: Stage 3. $200. 900,000 coins
    Example wallet address in email body:

    Airdrop configuration is looking very promising.
    The form is extremely simple and mass abuse of the airdrop is not possible.
    Distribution of both the pre-sale and the airdrop is not far away.

    After distribution of presale begins we will begin to work out bounties together and ask for your help and input to begin an initial list of bounties.
    If you wish to contribute any improvement to BCB feel free to create a bounty for the task and we can approve and allocate it to you.
    If you are yet to receive a Slack invitation within 1 week you will receive an invitation to join the slack channel.
    Some examples of bounties:
    Design work
    Social channel management
    Translation management
    Press releases
    Video and audio
    Content creation
    Bitcoinblack.net forum management
    Bitcoinblack.net ways to encourage community involvement and foundation creation
    ICO submission
    Video review using BCB
    Whitepaper contributions
    Bitcoinblack.net improvements, knowledgebase growth and use.
    OR any general improvement.

    Timing of a project is very important for it’s success and we will remain aware of everything possible to attempt to execute the timing of each stage of BCB as close to perfect as possible to have the greatest chance of success for a global P2P currency.

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