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    Bitcoin Black (BCB): January Update

    We have kept pushing the launch date back because of constantly making tweaks and improvements.
    We now have an official launch date of February 1st 2019.
    Larger scale testing is taking place in the meantime.
    A solid development team continues to form and will continue to grow and become stronger as BCB matures.

    Congratulations to @cococrypto, @mbelgasmi, @vikshah47, @afservik, @bitcoinblacknews, @givanio, @zrco, @hendriscg, @andyman73, @chappyc, @trgpwild, @ghordy9, @fabifel, @electrofry, you will be receiving 25,000 additional coins for creating a profile on the bitcoinblack.net community page.
    We will continue to give occasional rewards to some new profiles created on the bitcoinblack.net community section which are complete with a photo and description.
    Incomplete profiles which are inactive will be deleted in time.
    Create a profile at the following link:

    BCB will become the most decentralized payment system in the world in 2019. How?
    Our desktop wallet is a full node, and all wallets communicate with each other to create the payment network.
    Each user who receives the airdrop will act as a node and be part of the decentralized payment network, compromising a small part of the global network.
    ~60000 people are waiting in line for the airdrop and once the airdrop becomes live and BCB is listed on multiple exchanges the numbers will grow rapidly.
    In 2019 BCB will become the most decentralized cryptocurrency in terms of numbers of network nodes and be at least 10x more decentralized than bitcoin.

    How to claim the airdrop
    On 1st February you will receive an email with a link to the desktop wallet.
    Once downloaded you will need to enter your BCB address, email address and phone number into the airdrop form.
    You will receive a security code to your phone which you will enter into the form and an email which you will need to click to verify and your coins will be sent to your wallet automatically.
    There are multiple security layers to prevent manipulation and abuse of the airdrop to make sure 1 million real users participate.
    A partner is in the process of publishing a media release on how BCB will have 1 million real users through this process and how BCB is arguable the most secure airdrop process so far in the cryptocurrency space.
    An image of the final airdrop form. https://bitcoin.black/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/airdrop-form-final.png

    At the time of writing it takes 109 commissions to be in the top 110 rewards members.

    Members count
    Current members count is 59,250.

    We are in the final stage of the pre-sale.
    Packets of 900,000 coins are available for $500.
    Last chance to get involved.

    Alexa Rank
    Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. It ranks millions of websites in order of popularity, with and Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular.
    Bitcoin Black is currently ranked 173,431 and has continued to climb up the rankings significantly.
    We are on target to be within the top 10,000 most popular websites globally.

    [email protected] has now become active and the knowledge base will begin to take shape.

    If you wish to contribute your skills in exchange for BCB coins feel free to write to [email protected]

    BCB on Binance
    Sign a petition to help get BCB listed on Binance.

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