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    Maher Belgasmi

    How to claim the airdrop

    On 1st February you will receive an email with a link to the desktop wallet.
    Once downloaded you will need to enter your BCB address, email address and phone number into the airdrop form.
    You will receive a security code to your phone which you will enter into the form and an email which you will need to click to verify and your coins will be sent to your wallet automatically.
    There are multiple security layers to prevent manipulation and abuse of the airdrop to make sure 1 million real users participate.
    A partner is in the process of publishing a media release on how BCB will have 1 million real users through this process and how BCB is arguable the most secure airdrop process so far in the cryptocurrency space.
    An image of the final airdrop form. https://bitcoin.black/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/airdrop-form-final.png


    Glad to see things moving forward. However, I’d like to point out one potential issue with the “Claim Your Free Coins” example. I’m not sure about most of you, but my personal cell phone number seem to the the last and only “personal” identifier I have left in the world and I don’t just give it out to potential abuse. I think there needs to be some explanation of what happens to someone’s cell phone number. Is it retained? Is it sold? Is it attached to your email address as a KYC to protect BCB? Is your personal cell phone number just used for sending you a PIN code and disposed of? We all know what Facebook, Google and others have done with users data even though they said they wouldn’t. Trust is earned and not just give out now a days.

    I have had a lot of friends who have signed up for the airdrop and I know that’s the first question they will have. BCB is brand new and does not have a reputation yet. Thus, I know there will be people who say the “potential” for coins is not worth giving out my number to be spammed, sold or associated with my email address.

    I think you need to add something to the form to explain exactly what will happen to the number and how it will and will NOT be used.


    Just to give you an example. This is from protonmail.

    “Are you human?
    To fight spam, please verify you are human.

    Your email or phone number will not be linked to the account created. It is only used during the signup process. A hash will be saved to prevent abuse of the ProtonMail systems.”

    This tells everyone exactly what their information will be used for.

    Joerg Frank

    How can I claim my pre-sale coins? Where is the bcb wallet?

    carey jao

    haven’t received anything until now

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