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Xiaohui’s eyes were wide open at the moment Yang Haoxuan kissed her, but gradually, she also began to close her eyes unconsciously from the beginning, ready to push away Yang Haoxuan’s hands but also attached to her chest. Gradually, Yang Haoxuan became more and more excessive, holding Xiaohui in his arms, sitting on the bed in the room, letting Xiaohui sit on her thighs, and reaching into Xiaohui’s clothes with both hands. Only then did Xiaohui realize what might happen next, a little flustered, and her body began to twist, but it happened that Yang Haoxuan’s hands reached into her chest, and the moderate crisp chest was immediately held in the palm of Yang Haoxuan’s hand. Finally, Xiaohui blushed and finally broke away from Yang Haoxuan’s big mouth. However, she exhaled Xianglan and said in a soft voice, “You are really a bastard.” Yang Haoxuan smiled and immediately said, “It’s bad for you alone.” “I don’t believe you.” Xiaohui suddenly retreated to the bed and broke away from Yang Haoxuan’s clutches. Chapter 499 Dragon Childe. Light and shadow country security is really very good, in this Qiankun teahouse, Yang Haoxuan frequently can see the voice of people talking and laughing with each other, occasionally in the street there are conflicts, there will be people out to stop. In this regard, Yang Haoxuan admires very much, and at the same time records all the criminal laws and regulations of the country of light and shadow, which can be used for management when the mainland of Tianhe is unified in the future. And Yang Haoxuan previously prepared to seduce Xiaohui, but also failed at the last moment, but also can only be said to be the failure of the body above,Pi tape measure, Xiaohui after that, has basically been Yang Haoxuan woman. Of course, Yang Haoxuan did not play with women’s minds, if the other side is willing, he can bring Xiaohui back to Tianhe mainland. From Xiaohui’s mouth, Yang Haoxuan knows a lot. Originally, although the Nalan family, is the royal family, Nalan smoke’s father is the elder brother of the emperor of the light and shadow country,horse weight tape, is a martial arts fanatic, so he gave up the position of emperor to his younger brother, and his own cultivation is also the strongest of the light and shadow country. No wonder Nalanyan is so rich and powerful, so there is such a powerful force. But in the star universe, Nalanyan in the end took someone else what thing, Xiao Hui is bitter not to say, because she said that if said, that is the backboard. Yang Haoxuan is not reluctant, anyway, the purpose of their visit is to understand the information of the country of light and shadow, at least on the surface, the information has been understood enough, the country of light and shadow is stronger than he imagined. Originally, Yang Haoxuan or further understanding of the light and shadow country army, especially the matter of the dragon knight, but Xiaohui told these are confidential, in fashionable words, that is, Adhesive fish ruler ,Walking tape measure, this is a military secret. Citizenship has not yet arrived, Yang Haoxuan can only wait in vain in Qiankun Teahouse. On this day, Yang Haoxuan finally saw a troublemaker in the teahouse, a teenager, shouting for wine downstairs, but here is the teahouse, so the two sides had a dispute. But this young man seems to be quite dignified, and no one in the teahouse dares to criticize him. Even the soldiers who passed by on patrol saw the man inside and pretended not to see him leave. This made Yang Haoxuan very curious. He asked Xiao Hui, “Who is this man?” Xiao Hui looked down and said, “It’s Mr. Long.” Yang Haoxuan is stupefied: “Dragon Childe?” Xiaohui gave him a strange look and said, “Don’t you know him?” Yang Haoxuan shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t even know who the Emperor of Light and Shadow was. How could he know this Dragon Childe? Is this Dragon Childe very famous? It doesn’t look like it. Seeing Yang Haoxuan’s puzzled expression, Xiao Hui explained helplessly: “You don’t even know?”? Really too strange, this dragon childe in those days thing but stir up the whole light and shadow country, no matter that city, this news knows. Yang Haoxuan was frightened. He heard it just now. There was a little doubt in Xiaohui’s tone, which made him scold in his heart. He couldn’t be ruined by this dragon childe. After thinking about it, he said: “Alas, you don’t know our life experience. Most of our world is spent in adventure. We stay in many dangerous places for several years. Maybe we missed this great event.”. ” Hearing this reason, Xiaohui nodded with relief and began to explain the story of the Dragon Prince: “The father of the Dragon Prince was the last head of the Dragon Knight…” With Xiaohui’s explanation, Yang Haoxuan began to understand slowly. After the development of the dragon knight in the country of light and shadow, the dragon knight was publicized and portrayed as the image representative of the country of light and shadow, almost all of whom were heroes. But 20 years ago, a scandal was born. That is, the father of the Dragon Childe, that is, the head of the Dragon Knight at that time, and he sat down to have that kind of relationship with the Dragon, was discovered, causing a great uproar in the country of light and shadow, in the eyes of the world, the noble Dragon Knight can not do such an absurd and contemptible thing. Originally, from the physiological point of view, this was nothing, the dragon incarnated as a human being, the body used is exactly the same as human beings, and the internal organs are complete. For example, the relationship between Yang Haoxuan and Yue Mei. But in the country of light and shadow, in a country where human beings are unified and powerful, people believe that all living beings should submit, and the hero in their hearts should have a relationship with a dragon, in such a country, it is absolutely intolerable. At the request of all the people, the emperor of the Kingdom of Light and Shadow ordered the dragon’s father and the dragon’s mother to be killed, leaving behind a baby, the dragon son of the body of a human dragon. It is the Dragon Childe who is making a scene of drunken madness below. Xiaohui said, suddenly pale, even Yang Haoxuan also felt, a dragon like a person like a dragon actually came from below, sweeping Xiaohui the whole person. Listen to below dragon childe cry out immediately only: “Who is talking about me!” Then, Yang Haoxuan found that the dragon childe jumped, came upstairs, unexpectedly directly to Xiaohui. That hand grasps, just like a dragon claw, the power of that claw, really is also terrible, the space is like cloth, ‘hissing’ was caught apart,cattle weight tape, Xiaohui only has the cultivation of immortals, in front of this move, will die. Court death! Who dares to touch me! 。