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The Trust Inc.

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Surfers Paradise

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The Trust Inc is a concept bred from the year 2020, in collaboration from an intriguing 38 years of life since 1982.

I ask you this, What came first, the chicken or the egg.

I’d like to tell you that all the hard work into The Trust Inc was for cryptocurrency sole focus.

But in keeping with the essence of The Trust Inc – Innovative ideas maintaining trust within our local Australian communities during the pressing times of covid-19, it would be infactual to say the least.

The Trust Inc and innovative initiatives behind the driving force have evolved during 2020 and now into 2021.

It has become uniquely clear now what direction The Trust Inc will take into the bright crypto future and beyond for all Australians and humanity.

The world is a very strange but magnificent place.

The systems and addictions we all call life seem to be more and more complex and possibly even prewritten before our time.

The more I learn and witness in life, the more complex life seems to evolve.

To make decisions based on the goodwill of the majority is extremely difficult for anyone to ascertain, and with responsibility comes great risk for the lives of many in which you are responsible for.

Many high profile positions of power are governed by greed, inequality, jealousy, and self preservation, which over time consumes souls with forces we see as evil.

I see the Bitcoin Black initiative as a very similar initiative to the views of The Trust Inc here in Australia, in which I have been somewhat consumed in initiating over the last 12 months leading into 2021.

I have almost been murdered twice in 2020, stabbed, shot with a gun, and have found myself enraged with hatred towards many whom I see now as the product of an evolving evil in society and forces I still do not completely understand.

It is my vision to encapture a cryptocurrency very similar to Bitcoin Black in Australia and beyond, whilst driving the importation of cryptocurrencies into our daily walks of life here in Australia.

Equality, Peace, and a New perspective of Humanity is our strive for the future, and with affiliates such as the Bitcoin Black initiative I’m sure that this dream is not too far away of being a reality.

The Trust Inc – Innovative initiatives encapturing Australian ways of life now and into our bright futures.


Jerome M Bates

[email protected]

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Surfers Paradise, Australia