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RJ Suitor                                                                  Managing Senior Partner

Startup Five is an advertising and marketing company based in Waterford Michigan. We promote B2B small to medium size businesses or merchants with five elements of promotion. This is Branding, Marketing, SEO, Multimedia, and social networking. We give small businesses and small non-profits a large footprint image to compete on the same playing field with large corporations and big box stores.

About RJ Suitor

Mr. Suitor formerly served as a career police officer in multiple police departments in Mid-Michigan, with a background as Chief of Police, investigations, vice, and patrolman. In addition, Mr. Suitor served as a temporary forward attachment to the United States Secret Service assisting US Secret in the protection and security of United States Secret Service has boarded Airforce One and the Presidental Limo as well as side to side protection of one of the USA Presidents.

After a career, early retirement in law enforcement Mr. Suitor pursued his second passion in life as a lifelong entrepreneur. Mr. Suitor built a private label food empire in gourmet frozen foods with multiple lines of gourmet foods from frozen products, sauces, coffees, and herbal teas. Operating 3 cold storage warehouses 200 trucks and over 200 sales force in Michigan. In addition, Mr. Suitor visioned wrote developed a National Distributorship within the USA with over 7500 US-based distributors where products were dropped ship to the door.

Mr. Suitor has built up to 12 Affiliate Based to Network Marketing organizations up to 75,000 worldwide reaching National Director, Emerald to Diamond level in each organization he developed. In addition, Mr. Suitor help to get two products nationally advertised on both QVC and the Home Shopping Network.

In 2008 RJ Suitor developed a US-based web enterprise online shopping local advertising network branded in 2500 USA Cities under each city name. Mr. Suitor raised millions of dollars in accredited investor funding to promote the US Based business model.