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Where to go: psychology and pedagogy

The question “Where to go?” is especially acute for graduates who have not yet decided on their interests, nor on the Unified State Exam, nor on the city in which to study. It happens often, because in the period of endless tests and exams it is difficult for eleventh-graders to find a class site to help them study we advise not to waste time thinking about their own “self” and what they really want from life.


In such a situation, the only way out is to try to gradually learn a little bit about each direction and see which one resonates more strongly in your heart.



The next direction in our series of articles is psychological and pedagogical. This is not psychology in its pure form, but is already quite close to it.


Psychological and pedagogical direction: professions and universities.

This field is difficult to find in multidisciplinary universities: most often it is found in term papers for sale and throughout the country. And the rating of the institution rarely matters: even regional universities are full of specialties in this area.


Here is a small list of universities where it is possible to receive psychological and pedagogical specialties:


Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow)

Moscow State Pedagogical University

Herzen State Pedagogical University (St. Petersburg)

Pushkin State University of Lenin (St. Petersburg)

SSGPU (Samara)

Chernyshevsky SNiSU (Saratov)

All-Russian State Pedagogical University (Voronezh)

Russian State Pedagogical University (Yekaterinburg)

SFU (Rostov-on-Don)

NSPU (Novosibirsk)

However, as we said earlier, in almost any city you can find a pedagogical university and get the desired profession without leaving your home town far away.


As for specialties, the most common are:


Child Practical Psychology.

Psychology and pedagogy of preschool education

Social pedagogy

Psychological and pedagogical diagnostics and counseling

Practical psychology of education

Psychological and pedagogical direction: USE

Admissions officers usually want to see results of the USE in Russian language, biology, and mathematics, but the latter subject is sometimes replaced with the social studies exam.


Some top universities may also ask for English-language test scores.


To find out exactly what you need to know about CSE subjects, visit the official website at or call the admissions office – it is the only way to be sure you have the right information.


Passing scores for admission vary: the budget admission to a regional college may be 50+, to a higher ranked college – 65-70+, and to enter the capital universities often require more than 80 points for the subject.


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