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Seeing them go, Ravaged Rong patted Tianhen on the shoulder and said, “Boy, you won’t be depressed again.”. Lan Lan that wench is such character, this is her that old and immortal grandfather is used to. Don’t care, although Rose’s desire for power is stronger, but his nature is good, as for the blue girl, in the future less provocation is. The sky mark forced a smile and said, “There’s nothing to be depressed about. I’m just an ordinary manipulator. It’s normal for Miss Lan to look down on me.”. I can’t hide. How can I provoke her? Zhu Rong leaned over to Tian Hen and asked in a low voice, “Is it you that Rose said about the green leaves?”? “Just now the girl Lan Lan said she wouldn’t marry unless she was green.” Tian Hen stiffened and said, “Of course not. You heard what Miss Lan Lan said just now. My ability has only been awakened for more than a year. How can I be the powerful green leaf power?” Zhu Rong smiled and said, “You are a disciple of Old Moore. That guy, Moore, can make any strange disciple.”. All right, give me your magic stone. The sky mark nodded, right hand a stroke, opened his space bag, took out the magic stone and handed it over. Ravaged into the hands, surprised to look at the space bag back, said: “You are really a boy of rapid progress ah!”! Not only did it reach level ten so quickly, but even the space bag could be used. “This is the teacher’s credit, is the teacher to help me open this ability.”. Ravaged by the judge, do you have anything to tell me? Ravaged by shaking his head,tile profile factory, said: “No, you can go to the 30th floor now, all the manipulators who went to the magic star to replace the staff are basically there, of course, except blue.”. You can stay there for a while, and before you go, I’ll tell you something about Magic Star. Those boys may be stronger than you. Remember to be modest. Tian Hen nodded and said respectfully, “Thank you for your teaching. You can rest assured that I will not lose face to Mr. Moore and you.” Say that finish, after the gift out of the room. Out of the door,stainless steel tile trim, the sky mark subconsciously took a deep breath, blue ah! Lan Lan, I just forgot what happened to us before and you came into my life again. Why bother? Could it be that you are the magic star I hit. Forget it, even if it is true, I do not provoke you, you can not do anything to me. Anyway, I have only two tasks in Magic Star, one is to practice, and the other is to find the holy beast that suits me. I have two powers, and it would be better if I could find two holy beasts. Suddenly there was a cold feeling in the black whirlpool of the Dantian. The white whirlpool in the mind was also cool. With a light sound, the familiar voice of the biological computer sounded, “Power level, eleven, cosmic gas, the second stage of ten, can be promoted.” Warm, spread from the chest to every corner of the body, china tile trim ,tile trim manufacturers, the three vortexes appear to be bigger than before, after this period of practice, coupled with several bitter battles, the power has been upgraded again. The promotion of the level is always so wonderful, Tianhen’s mood suddenly improved a lot, cheered, and walked in the direction of the elevator. Thirty floors, what kind of partners are there? With some excitement, Tianhen took the elevator directly to the 30th floor, and as soon as he got out of the elevator door, he saw a sign that said Magic Star Operator Rest. According to the direction of the arrow on the sign, he found a room on the west side smoothly. There was nothing surprising about the door, but it lacked a pager. As soon as he reached the door, the metal door opened automatically, and dozens of eyes came to him. The noisy voice in the room disappeared immediately, and everyone inside looked at the sky mark with some curiosity. Sky marks walked into the room, glanced at it, and counted out that there were seventeen people, not counting themselves, in different clothes and shapes, men and women, sitting around the sofa in the broad hall, two of whom he had seen before, one of whom was Luo Yan, the first fire power to challenge Massano, and the other. It is Jerry, a level 20 power who belongs to the same space system as himself. Hello, I am the sky mark of the space department. “Sky mark smiled and nodded to the crowd, almost every power here is above level 20, can also be regarded as his predecessors.”. All the people in the room stood up one after another. Jerry dodged and came to the front of Tianhen. He put his hand on his shoulder and said with a smile, “Finally, there is one who is in the same department with me. Brother, what level are you?” “Hello, Elder Martial Brother,” said Tian Hen with a smile. “I’m ashamed to say that I only have the ability of level 11.” Jerry hesitated for a moment, and so did the other powers. A woman with long dark green hair, who looked to be in her twenties, said in surprise, “Isn’t it said that the Magic Star on duty must have at least twenty levels of ability?”? Why are you only level eleven? She also asked the doubts of other powers. The sky mark smiled awkwardly and said, “I don’t know why I was chosen. It was Mr. Moore who asked me to come, so I came.” Jerry said discontentedly, “Sister Luoluo, what’s wrong with Level 11?”? Don’t forget that the sky mark belongs to our space department. It is difficult for us to practice the power of our space department. It is not easy to reach the eleventh level. You can’t exclude him. Another man with short blond hair smiled and said, “Don’t worry, we are all companions. How can we reject him?”? Jerry, it looks like your junior fellow apprentice is even younger than you! Jerry smiled and said, “That’s not good.”? I’m not the youngest at last. How old are you? Tian Hen answered truthfully, “I am twenty-two.”. You are all my predecessors, and please take care of me in the future. Luo Yan came up and said boldly, “Brother Tian Hen, we are all in the holy alliance, and we have to live together for three years. Don’t worry, no one will discriminate against you because of your low ability.”. We are all brothers. His words gave birth to a trace of warmth in his heart, and he was much more satisfied with these companions. Jerry introduced to Tian Hen,stainless steel tile edge trim, “This is Brother Luo Yan, the highest level operator of the Fire Department this time. The one who spoke just now is Brother Xia Yu, the level 25 operator of the Wind Department.” 。