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Ziqianhao’s complexion, at this time has changed from bright red to pale, as pale as paper. He could not stop panting, cold sweat like rain, but, in the panting, in the cold sweat, he has such a frightening tenacity and perseverance, without stopping to continue to deal with the strong enemy in front of him! The dragon’s head short staff waved like thunder and clouds rolling, vast and mighty, like the rushing waves, blood teeth ring flying low sweep, turn back oblique, like a falcon flapping wings, jumping and flashing moon arc, and these, covered with a bright vertical and horizontal silver electricity, silver electricity like a live snake dancing and whirling, suddenly advancing and retreating, refused to give in at all, depending on the situation, although Ziqianhao was under heavy damage, if he wanted to defeat him, I’m afraid it’s not an easy thing. “Ziqianhao, what else do you have to say now?” Cried the white-eyed woman? What other skills can be used? Ziqianhao was silent, his brain was more and more dizzy, his strength was more and more exhausted,Artificial Marble Slabs, he knew that if he could not break through immediately, he would never be able to walk away. Cao Shaocheng grinned grimly and attacked even more fiercely. “How do you want to die, Ziqianhao?” He said in a sinister way? I want you to taste the criminal law of Dazun School! Suddenly laughed, Ziqianhao in the hoarse laughter threw out the waist of the two hand axes, hand axes rolling split white-eyed woman and Cao Shaocheng, so the two of them immediately waved the weapons in their hands to shake down the two flying hand axes. Ziqianhao suddenly stepped on the palace with incredible boldness, entered Hongmen, and suddenly wore Cao Shaocheng in front of him. Cao Shaocheng scolded him angrily, and the dragon’s head stick suddenly closed and hit each other’s Tianlinggai like lightning! Clenching his teeth, Ziqianhao’s four dazzling swords smashed fiercely,Carrara Marble Slab, “when.” In the loud noise, his left hand has suddenly shaken out a curved blade knife! With a loud cry, Cao Shaocheng suddenly stepped out of the way, so, as Ziqianhao expected, he just blocked the white-eyed woman who was waiting to approach! Ziqianhao, of course, is to pour out the last spare force Cao Shaocheng that blow, his tiger’s mouth into the crack, blood overflowing, but he had to take such a risk, he understood that if you don’t use this dangerous move, you can’t force Cao Shaocheng to turn to the white eye woman attack on the way, perhaps this move is with life to get, perhaps the gap after this move is too short, but it’s enough. As far as he is concerned, he needs this sudden flaw in order to break out of the encirclement of the strong enemies in front of him. A person with strong martial arts, in addition to his own skills, needs to have a mind. Often, white marble mosaic ,Granite Slab Supplier, wisdom is better than anything else! The white-eyed woman’s blood-toothed ring was waiting to be waved out of the gap, and the figure in front of her flashed, but Cao Shaocheng blocked her way! The white-eyed woman was almost so angry that she vomited blood with a loud roar and struggled to close the ring. In the blink of an eye, Ziqianhao had shot eight or nine Zhangs away. He didn’t even look back. His backhand six curved knives turned over and swept around. The two men in yellow who wanted to intercept him were already in shock; Rao is so, but there are still four yellow clothes in the knife fell, white-eyed woman and Cao Shaocheng row life chase, two people’s two faces have been angry into two pairs of pig liver! Ziqianhao ran and jumped again and again, and swept away like a swan flying across the sky. It was so fast that the arrows and hidden weapons around him stared at him one after another, but they completely failed. They were either slow or deviated, and they didn’t even touch the edge at all! In a frantic rush, the white-eyed woman shouted angrily, “Stop him quickly..” With the strong bay, with the hidden weapon.. Che Qing, go around quickly. They’re all bastards and losers! In the white-eyed woman’s abnormal roar, the strong figure of Che Qingshuo in the crowd bravely and bravely crossed the front of Ziqianhao, but every time he flashed resistance, it was like throwing himself on a group of misty smoke, so hard that the dust and sand were flying, Ziqianhao’s leopard skin scarf fluttered like a meteor across the sky, even without looking at Che Qing, he was sprinkled with blood and burst into the air. Like a big response, it whirled down on the green granite wall! On this side of the battlements on the guard of the five big man in yellow, Qi Qi shouted a siege, bright ju have slashed, but, the oncoming force of the five ju only waved half, four dazzling sword has been oblique whirl flash out, “quack” “quack” in the sound of violence that five men all cried and fell under the stone wall! Without stopping, Ziqianhao’s mouth suddenly screamed with a sharp and trembling scream. Roaring in his mouth, he had already swept out of the wall, holding his sword in both hands and struggling to cut back. As a result, four thigh-thick wooden fences in the gate that had been lowered were immediately cut off and broken down. In the field, the armored rhinoceros was shining with silver aluminum armor, and it rushed out from the gap of the four broken wooden fences like an angry arrow, like a sudden surge of wind! By this time, Cao Shaocheng, one of the seven red robes, had reached about eight paces in front of the gate. The white-eyed woman and Che Qing were outside Wen Wu, while some of the other silver dam men were swarming behind four or five Zhangs. After the rhinoceros rushed out of the gate, it kept running like a swift dark cloud over Ziqianhao’s side. Ziqianhao’s right foot was inserted into the stirrup accurately and incomparably, and his whole body slanted against the horse by the speed of pulling the belt in the stirrup, as if it were one with the horse. Under the flying white hair of the rhinoceros, it seemed to gallop away with the wind! Cao Shaocheng followed him like Liu Hong. He chased him ten feet and stopped. He looked at the dust and smoke in the distance in a stunned and heavy way. He lost his soul and leaned on the ground with a short stick of the dragon head. His expression was depressed, as if he had aged for ten years in this instant! In the back, the white-eyed woman and Che Qing, as well as countless people in yellow clothes rushed to the scene. The white-eyed woman also stared blankly at the rolling sand fog on the road ahead, while Che Qing was sweating and panting. The expression on his face was very strange. It could not be seen whether he was resentful, unwilling, or glad and happy. The only one of these grandfathers was carrying a “piercing thorn” upside down, and his eyes were bloodshot. He was snoring with his hands on his chest. Silver dam son’s yellow clothes big men are all around, no one said a word, only the sound of thick and muddy panting in the ring, like in the heart covered with a layer of shadow, everyone knows what is now a scene, what result, let the tiger go back to the mountains, in the years to come, the days will be bloody and terrible, the hatred in Jianghu is hard to eliminate. Is stubborn and must be relative, give others what,White Marble Mosaic, others will be returned in the same way, and the essence of these returns, but all with blood and life piled up ah.