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Substitutions For Cooking Jalapeno – Best Recommend From Anya’s Eats.


When you’re in the midst of preparing a meal, you realize that jalapenos are called for in the recipe, but you don’t have any on hand. There’s no need to panic. Maybe it was a last-minute decision to make a particular dish, or maybe a quick trip to the grocery store didn’t end with finding fresh jalapenos on the shelves. 

1. What is a jalapeno?

Jalapeno peppers are common ingredients in Mexican cooking and other cuisines that use a lot of heat. They are commonly used in salsas, chilies, and other dishes. If you don’t have any jalapenos on hand or if you want to try something new, here are some suggestions for what to substitute for jalapenos:

2. Fresh Jalapeno Substitutes and Dried Jalapeno Substitutes:

-Banana pepper: This milder pepper has a similar flavor and heat level as the jalapeno but is also sweeter and crisper in texture. It’s perfect for salsa because it doesn’t have seeds or membranes like some other peppers do.

-Red pepper: Red bell peppers are milder than most other varieties of chili peppers but pack plenty of flavor. They’re great in salads or stuffed with cheese!

-Serrano peppers: This spicy little guy will add some heat and flavor to your dish.

-Habanero—These guys have been known to make grown men cry, but they’re also delicious when used sparingly in certain dishes!

-Cayenne pepper—Don’t let looks deceive you; this one doesn’t look like much, but it packs quite a punch! You’ll be surprised at how well it works with potatoes or other root vegetables.

-Paprika: When all else fails, try using paprika! Not only does it add great color and texture to any food item, but it also has many health benefits (including high levels of vitamin C)!

-Poblano pepper: These poblanos are often called “pasilla chiles” because their flavor is somewhere between green and red bell peppers (pasilla means “little raisin”). While they aren’t quite as spicy as true habaneros, poblanos still pack some heat, so be careful when using them in recipes! You can substitute one large poblano for one medium-sized fresh jalapeo chile. However, both types differ slightly in weight depending upon whether they’ve been dried out further (which makes them lighter) or not dried out at all (which makes them heavier).

3.Substitutes for smoked jalapenos:

You can easily substitute smoked jalapeno in your recipes by adding a few dashes of the following ingredients:

-Smoked paprika (pimentón de la Vera)

-Smoked salt (smoked sea salt or kosher salt)

-Smoked garlic (smoked-roasted garlic cloves, minced)

-Chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, chopped or pureed. You can find them canned at most grocery stores, but if you have time to roast your own fresh peppers and pickle some of them for future use, as well as make your own sauce from scratch, it’s worth it! Easy delicious recipes and pretty much anyone can do it—I’ve done it many times and have even taught friends how to do so themselves. You just need a grill pan (or cast iron skillet), foil wrap paper or aluminum foil wrap sheets, tongs or spatula-type utensils for moving things around on the grill/pan surface with ease while they’re cooking; also be sure to wear gloves because chilies are spicy! And lastly: patience! Your smoked-roasted jalapeños will be worth all of this effort when they’re ready!


The best thing about jalapenos is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used in all sorts of recipes, whether they are spicy or not, and they add an extra kick to any dish. If you’re looking for a substitute, the list above will help you find one that works well with your recipe! Hopefully, this article has given you ideas on how to use these delicious peppers when cooking at home. Please, visit our blog at Anya’s Eats to read more article.